Fictional Monsters is a funk/jazz band that was born in the cold dark winter of 2008. The freak show that makes up this band is Mike Sarafinas on guitar, David Roth on trombone, Matthew Edwards on bass, Yvonne Aubert on Keys, and Ben Staines on drums. The band is mostly unique as it uses contemporary jazz harmony and puts it to funky danceable grooves that get the audience moving, like the zombie dancers in Thriller. Fictional Monsters play a mix of originals and covers. Some of the artists’ songs they cover include: John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John Scofield and more. Some of the bands’ influences are Charles Mingus, Primus, P-Funk, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, James Brown, John Scofield, MMW, Steve Gadd, Carter Beauford, and Tony Williams. Watch out for them haunting a New England stage near you! Fictional Monsters